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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
'Tis moonlight, summer moonlightPoetry
Sun Has Set, ThePoetry
Night is Darkening Around Me, ThePoetry
If grief for grief can touch theePoetry
High waving heather 'neath stormy blasts bendingPoetry
Come hither, childPoetry
At Castle WoodPoetry
A Little Budding RosePoetry
Love and FriendshipPoetry
Stars Poetry
She Dried Her TearsPoetry
Stanzas Poetry
Old Stoic, ThePoetry
Prisoner , The - (A Fragment)Poetry
Plead For MePoetry
A Death - ScenePoetry
Philosopher , ThePoetry
Self -InterrogationPoetry
Wind was Rough which Tore, ThePoetry
That Wind I Used to Hear it SwellingPoetry
Come , Walk With Me,Poetry
Far , far away is mirth withdrawnPoetry
A little while, a little while,Poetry
Shall Earth No More Inspire TheePoetry
Night - Wind, ThePoetry
To ImaginationPoetry
Hope Poetry
Death Poetry
My ComforterPoetry
How Clear She ShinesPoetry
Anticipation Poetry
"I am the only being whose doom..."Poetry
"Me thinks this heart..."Poetry
Faith and DespondencyPoetry
Song Poetry
I see around me tombstones greyPoetry
How still, how happy!Poetry
A Day DreamPoetry
Stanzas to -Poetry
Blue Bell, ThePoetry
'Yes , holy be thy resting place'Poetry
Honour 's MartyrPoetry
Remembrance Poetry
No Coward Soul Is MinePoetry
Sympathy Poetry
'Fall , leaves, fall'Poetry
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