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A Cooking Egg Analysis

Author: poem of T.S. Eliot Type: poem Views: 13

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     En l'an trentiesme do mon aage
     Que toutes mes hontes j'ay beues...

Pipit sate upright in her chair
     Some distance from where I was sitting;
Views of the Oxford Colleges
     Lay on the table, with the knitting.

Daguerreotypes and silhouettes,
     Her grandfather and great great aunts,
Supported on the mantelpiece
     An Invitation to the Dance.

     . . . . .

I shall not want Honour in Heaven
     For I shall meet Sir Philip Sidney
And have talk with Coriolanus
     And other heroes of that kidney.

I shall not want Capital in Heaven
     For I shall meet Sir Alfred Mond.
We two shall lie together, lapt
     In a five per cent. Exchequer Bond.

I shall not want Society in Heaven,
     Lucretia Borgia shall be my Bride;
Her anecdotes will be more amusing
     Than Pipit's experience could provide.

I shall not want Pipit in Heaven:
     Madame Blavatsky will instruct me
In the Seven Sacred Trances;
     Piccarda de Donati will conduct me.

     . . . . .

But where is the penny world I bought
     To eat with Pipit behind the screen?
The red-eyed scavengers are creeping
     From Kentish Town and Golder's Green;

Where are the eagles and the trumpets?

     Buried beneath some snow-deep Alps.
Over buttered scones and crumpets
     Weeping, weeping multitudes
Droop in a hundred A.B.C.'s


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I am a little late on my cmnemot, as I see you have already taken Bill to the airport on your latest update. My cmnemot was more of advice to Bill if Ya'all have any more vehicle problems, ie. stuck in the mud or a flat tire on a very busy freeway Leave John in the vehicle and just walk back to town On a more serious note, I am really enjoying your blog and learning from it also. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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I loved seeing all the phtoos of spring flowers on your blog and I especially loved the robin photo. I miss seeing the British robins, we only have the American robins over in my part of the world. I've just screened and approved your blog for acceptance at Blotanical.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Busy time for you , I see young Gordon B is up on the Orkneys for Springwatch this year , it was two years ago they were with you and my little godnasrn Archie had a seal named after him , I do hope Archie the seal is still swimming the ocean and that he doing well like my godnasrn . Big Oh Dear for the little birds with Merlins and Peregrines around , thats life I guess and they have to eat , just hope they dont take the rarer species . Did you ever get news as to where the White Tail went ?? Take care all

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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