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A Pact Analysis

Author: poem of Ezra Pound Type: poem Views: 27

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I make a pact with you, Walt Whitman--
I have detested you long enough.
I come to you as a grown child
Who has had a pig-headed father;
I am old enough now to make friends.
It was you that broke the new wood
Now is a time for carving.
We have one sap and one root--
Let there be commerce between us.


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o He hates Walt Whitman because of his transcendentalism
o There is no truth, rejection of a deeper meaning, what you see is all there is
o He “broke the new wood”
• Broke with some parts of tradition
o But “now is a time for carving”
• Still stuck with transcendentalism—that there was a truth out there, you just had to find it
o Pound rejects this idea, says there is no truth. There just is life.

| Posted on 2011-02-13 | by a guest

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