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Big Night On The Town Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Bukowski Type: poem Views: 5

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drunk on the dark streets of some city,

it's night, you're lost, where's your


you enter a bar to find yourself,

order scotch and water.

damned bar's sloppy wet, it soaks

part of one of your shirt


It's a clip joint-the scotch is weak.

you order a bottle of beer.

Madame Death walks up to you

wearing a dress.

she sits down, you buy her a

beer, she stinks of swamps, presses

a leg against you.

the bar tender sneers.

you've got him worried, he doesn't

know if you're a cop, a killer, a

madman or an


you ask for a vodka.

you pour the vodka into the top of

the beer bottle.

It's one a.m. In a dead cow world.

you ask her how much for head,

drink everything down, it tastes

like machine oil.

you leave Madame Death there,

you leave the sneering bartender


you have remembered where

your room is.

the room with the full bottle of

wine on the dresser.

the room with the dance of the


Perfection in the Star Turd

where love died



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