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Loneliness Analysis

Author: Poetry of Katherine Mansfield Type: Poetry Views: 453

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Now it is Loneliness who comes at night
Instead of Sleep, to sit beside my bed.
Like a tired child I lie and wait her tread,
I watch her softly blowing out the light.
Motionless sitting, neither left or right
She turns, and weary, weary droops her head.
She, too, is old; she, too, has fought the fight.
So, with the laurel she is garlanded.

Through the sad dark the slowly ebbing tide
Breaks on a barren shore, unsatisfied.
A strange wind flows... then silence.I am fain
To turn to Loneliness, to take her hand,
Cling to her, waiting, till the barren land
Fills with the dreadful monotone of rain


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i love this poem so much. it realy helped me undertand the feeling of being lonely. when i read and then reread this peom, i keep on think on how much she must have gone through to write this. she is so well in depth with the world, and when i am older, i really wish i could be as smart and influenced. I cant understand how someone could feel so much, and then put it down into buetiful words. Its all about the dark and alone. Its reallly butifeal. am going to show this to everyone i know. WAYY TO GOOO!

| Posted on 2010-05-11 | by a guest

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