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Psalm 82 Analysis

Author: poem of John Milton Type: poem Views: 7

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God in the *great *assembly stands                    *Bagnadath-el
Of Kings and lordly States,
Among the gods* on both his hands.                        *Bekerev.
He judges and debates.
How long will ye *pervert the right                      *Tishphetu
With *judgment false and wrong                              gnavel.
Favouring the wicked by your might,
Who thence grow bold and strong?
*Regard the *weak and fatherless                       *Shiphtu-dal.
*Dispatch the *poor mans cause,                                  
And **raise the man in deep distress
By **just and equal Lawes.                              **Hatzdiku.
Defend the poor and desolate,
And rescue from the hands
Of wicked men the low estate
Of him that help demands.
They know not nor will understand,
In darkness they walk on,
The Earths foundations all are *mov'd                     *Jimmotu.
And *out of order gon.                                          
I said that ye were Gods, yea all
The Sons of God most high
But ye shall die like men, and fall
As other Princes die.
Rise God, *judge thou the earth in might,
This wicked earth *redress,                               *Shiphta.
For thou art he who shalt by right
The Nations all possess.


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