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Psalm 86 Analysis

Author: poem of John Milton Type: poem Views: 6

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Thy gracious ear, O Lord, encline,
O hear me I thee pray,
For I am poor, and almost pine
With need, and sad decay.
Preserve my soul, for *I have trod           Heb. I am good, loving,
Thy waies, and love the just,                    a doer of good and
Save thou thy servant O my God                          holy things
Who still in thee doth trust.
Pity me Lord for daily thee
I call; 4 O make rejoyce                                        
Thy Servants Soul; for Lord to thee
I lift my soul and voice,
For thou art good, thou Lord art prone
To pardon, thou to all
Art full of mercy, thou alone
To them that on thee call.
Unto my supplication Lord
Give ear, and to the crie
Of my incessant praiers afford
Thy hearing graciously.                                          
I in the day of my distress
Will call on thee for aid;
For thou wilt grant me free access
And answer, what I pray'd.
Like thee among the gods is none
O Lord, nor any works
Of all that other Gods have done
Like to thy glorious works.
The Nations all whom thou hast made
Shall come, and all shall frame                                  
To bow them low before thee Lord,
And glorifie thy name.
For great thou art, and wonders great
By thy strong hand are done,
Thou in thy everlasting Seat
Remainest God alone.
Teach me O Lord thy way most right,
I in thy truth will hide,
To fear thy name my heart unite
So shall it never slide.                                        
Thee will I praise O Lord my God
Thee honour, and adore
With my whole heart, and blaze abroad
Thy name for ever more.
For great thy mercy is toward me,
And thou hast free'd my Soul
Eev'n from the lowest Hell set free
From deepest darkness foul.
O God the proud against me rise
And violent men are met                                          
To seek my life, and in their eyes
No fear of thee have set.
But thou Lord art the God most mild
Readiest thy grace to shew,
Slow to be angry, and art stil'd
Most mercifull, most true.
O turn to me thy face at length,
And me have mercy on,
Unto thy servant give thy strength,
And save thy hand-maids Son.                                    
Some sign of good to me afford,
And let my foes then see
And be asham'd, because thou Lord
Do'st help and comfort me.


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The Company of Angels projects are my favriote of the Caedmon's albums. They are songs that I wish the American church would write more of. They cover things that are typically not in western praise and worship music, such as We Delight covering both covenants with Israel and the Body of Christ. And Warrior is a rare find in our worship today which often makes Jesus sound like a happy-go-lucky, pink throned man in a bathrobe. So I applaud thee Caedmon's Call good jorb. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-07 | by a guest

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Hey Trav! Ok..so now I know all about this amazing epereixnce!! WOW! May I remind you that the next time you are invited to sing at Carnegie, we are ALL coming to hear you!!! YES all of us Cottrells .every one of us with Cottrell blood and all those connected to us. We are there! WE are SO PROUD OF YOU!

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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Juan the pope is not requiring cooatmndeinn of contraception the Catholic faith looks at sex within marriage as a creative, life-giving force. The Church herself condemns any artificial barrier to that force. Of course, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is available to Catholics and uses the female body's own cycles to know when pregnancy may or may not occur. No birth control is 100% accurate. I would hope all Anglicans who have decided to join the Catholic Church do so understanding all that is involved. As one who made that move myself, I understand their concerns. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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Wonderful words indeed. But if God fiogrves David's sins and has not dealt with him according to his sins nor punished him according to his iniquities; and if His mercy is great toward those who fear Him; and has removed his transgressions from him then why did God require that an entirely innocent human being (Jesus) be tortured to death for our sins so we could be forgiven? What happened to his much praised mercy and forgiveness?

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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