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Sonnet 81 Analysis

Author: poem of Edmund Spenser Type: poem Views: 7

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Fair is my love, when her fair golden hears
with the loose wind the waving chance to mark:
fair when the rose in her red cheeks appears,
or in her eyes the fire of love does spark.

Fair when her breast like a rich laden bark
with precious merchandise she forth doth lay:
fair when that cloud of pride, which oft doth dark
her goodly light, with smiles she drives away.

But fairest she, when so she doth display
the gate with pearls and rubies richly dight
through which her words so wise do make their way
to bear the message of her gentle spright.

The rest be works of nature's wonderment,
but this the work of heart's astonishment.

Submitted by Melanie Wright


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Wow, this poem is absolutely beatiful. He's expressing his amazement of the Female body. He's not doing so in a lustful way, but he is speaking of it with a heart of purity. He speaks of how her gentle touch can whipe away his anger and his pride. He speaks of the gate being open. He speaks of the women opening herself up to receive a gift. The way he describes "the gate" is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. He has a deep respect for women. wow, there are so many things I wish to say, but I just don't have a way with words..

| Posted on 2009-09-16 | by a guest

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