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The Concert Analysis

Author: poem of Edna St. Vincent Millay Type: poem Views: 4

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No, I will go alone.
I will come back when it's over.
Yes, of course I love you.
No, it will not be long.
Why may you not come with me?—
You are too much my lover.
You would put yourself
Between me and song.

If I go alone,
Quiet and suavely clothed,
My body will die in its chair,
And over my head a flame,
A mind that is twice my own,
Will mark with icy mirth
The wise advance and retreat
Of armies without a country,
Storming a nameless gate,
Hurling terrible javelins down
From the shouting walls of a singing town

Where no women wait!
Armies clean of love and hate,
Marching lines of pitiless sound
Climbing hills to the sun and hurling
Golden spears to the ground!
Up the lines a silver runner
Bearing a banner whereon is scored
The milk and steel of a bloodless wound
Healed at length by the sword!

You and I have nothing to do with music.
We may not make of music a filigree frame,
Within which you and I,
Tenderly glad we came,
Sit smiling, hand in hand.

Come now, be content.
I will come back to you, I swear I will;
And you will know me still.
I shall be only a little taller
Than when I went.


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Jules: Millay's poem's a killer, isn't it? (The poem itelsf haunts, if it becomes part of your psyche.)I second Froog's (and Blaine's) dismay that you haven't YET seen Ghostbusters. It's just this side of pop-cultural icon. And that it begins not just in A library but arguably THE library should boost it a bit in your to-do list as well.Froog: I haven't checked, but you do realize, don't you, that my blog traffic probably shot up a couple hundred per cent just because of the phrase best DVD shops in Beijing ? (Whoops, there it goes again.) Of course, most of that is from intellectual-property law firms in NYC and Los Angeles, but I'll take what I can get.I do remember your telling that Punch joke before (and who else do I know who's likely to quote Punch? No one!), so am pretty sure it's on Froogville somewhere.My favorite Ghostbusters line (although the one you cite is right up there) is at the very end. They've exited the apartment building, the street is in ruins, police cars nose-down in the pavement, hydrants erupting, etc. And Ernie Hudson exults I love this town! Fixed the small-caps issue for you :). And although I never saw any of the Bill Ted movies, I did find on YouTube the scene you mentioned They've prevented embedding for it, but it's . Hilarious!marta: It really doesn't seem fair to me that Torchwood is available only to cable subscribers of more-than-basic plans. (Well, and also to owners of DVD players. But I haven't seen the DVDs anywhere yet not for rent, anyhow.) (Netflix doesn't count; renting series from Netflix has disappointed us in the past, but maybe they've gotten better.) That's a pretty damned good sales pitch you just did for it there.cynth: You probably (and The Missus certainly) will be disappointed to know I've never seen Death Takes a Holiday. (Or the Joe Black thing.)Reading about it just now , though, I was delighted to see one of the favorable reviews when it came out was by a film critic for the New York Times named Mordaunt Hall. Which sounds like the name of the B B where Death stayed while on holiday.

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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What a beautiful ttbiure to your sister! What a beautiful heart you have. What a loving husband! I'm so sorry! so very, very sorry! Your so smart to get this out! There are so many woman out there in real danger. Real danger! Thankfully I just can't imagine. I love the chimes. I read your dad's comment ~ I'm so sorry you all have to endure this. How terrible. Your father is so right ~ lean on each other in touch times and know ((I am sure))your sister is praying like crazy for all of you right now. She is loving you and with you all. xoxo, Lisa x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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Kim those chimes are peerfct and will ring beautifully, I have the same ones hanging in front of a window that is nearly always open and I love their sound. A friend gave them to me during a difficult time, they always make me smile.You are so blessed to have someone who simply stands by your shoulder, supporting you and holding you up through your pain. There are no words other gift, than I am here any person can give to you, that he stands by you and gives you these is so generous and so loving. I think your dreams are also a gift, also an I am here'. ValValentine Logar recently posted..

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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