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The Crossed Apple Analysis

Author: poem of Louise Bogan Type: poem Views: 5

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I've come to give you fruit from out my orchard,
Of wide report.
I have trees there that bear me many apples.
Of every sort:

Clear, streaked; red and russet; green and golden;
Sour and sweet.
This apple's from a tree yet unbeholden,
Where two kinds meet,—

So that this side is red without a dapple,
And this side's hue
Is clear and snowy.  It's a lovely apple.
It is for you.

Within are five black pips as big as peas,
As you will find,
Potent to breed you five great apple trees
Of varying kind:

To breed you wood for fire, leaves for shade,
Apples for sauce.
Oh, this is a good apple for a maid,
It is a cross,

Fine on the finer, so the flesh is tight,
And grained like silk.
Sweet Burning gave the red side, and the white
Is Meadow Milk.

Eat it, and you will taste more than the fruit:
The blossom, too,
The sun, the air, the darkness at the root,
The rain, the dew,

The earth we came to, and the time we flee,
The fire and the breast.
I claim the white part, maiden, that's for me.
You take the rest.


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Chris McCormackThis is a great story Robyn! This is the first I've commented on your blogs but have eenoyjd all of them these past couple of months. I am another long time Billy fan. It is always exciting to hear how a new Billy develops. Equally interesting and impressive is the level of support and commitment from his parents. Hope to meet you and Noah either in Louisville or Boston.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Strangely fascinating wiknag up each morning and hearing yet worse news each time. I suppose this is payback for all that ghastly hubristic nonsense las summer when the West Indies with a decimated attack could have beaten us in Perth and the Pakistan team should' have beaten' us at the SCG. Will the Aussies ever take 20 wickets again? Will they ever get the mighty Alistair Cook out? Now that is some line to write.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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