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The Exchange Analysis

Author: poem of Ron Rash Type: poem Views: 8

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Between Wytheville, Virginia
and the North Carolina line,
he meets a wagon headed
where he's been, seated beside
her parents a dark-eyed girl
who grips the reins in her fist,
no more than sixteen, he's guess
as they come closer and she
doesn't look away or blush
but allows his eyes to hold
hers that moment their lives pass.
He rides into Boone at dusk,
stops at an inn where he buys
his supper, a sleepless night
thinking of fallow fields still
miles away, the girl he might
not find the like of again.
When dawn breaks he mounts his roan,
then backtracks, searches three days
hamlets and farms, any smoke
rising above the tree line
before he heads south, toward home,
the French Broad's valley where spring
unclinches the dogwood buds
as he plants the bottomland,
come night by candlelight builds
a butter churn and cradle,
cherry headboard for the bed,
forges a double-eagle
into a wedding ring and then
back to Virginia and spends
five weeks riding and asking
from Elk Creek to Damascas
before he finds the wagon
tethered to the hitching post
of a crossroads store, inside
the girl who smiles as if she'd
known all along his gray eyes
would search until they found her.
She asks one question, his name,
as her eyes study the gold
smoldering there between them,
the offered palm she lightens,
slips the ring on herself so
he knows right then the woman
she will be, bold enough match
for a man rash as his name.


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That would be SO much FUN if i could have a sleepover with my fredins. (if i had any!!!!) If i had any fredins and i had a sleepover e would tay up late talk about boys, plan a makeover, dress up as famous people, watch movies, and eat TONS and TONS of . JUNK FOOD!

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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you should do a story about mcikezne being niceand you chloe and zoey could be ccps and it could be not so fabulos life of a ccp.and the front could have chloe,zoey,you,mcikezne,and brandon. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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I love Dork Diaries too. I have all the books including how to dork your diary. It would be the best thing ever if they made a Dork Diaries movie and i plaeyd Nikki. Speaking of Nikki i dressed up as her for our school book parade

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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through gritted teeth. Ok! she sercamed and ran off!!!!Then I went and asked mom to bring me to the drug store. She said ok, as long as I was super quick in there! I hope this cream works!!!! I dont want Brandon to see me like this!!! I would just DIE of mortification! And if MacKenzie sees me like this, I'll become the next WCD LAUGHING STOCK!I rushed to my locker and found a note from Chloe and Zoey. It said: Hey Nikki!!!! Meet us in the janitors closet ASAP!!!! xxx Chloe and xxx Zoey!! Just what I need: my BFFS laughing at me because of this STINKIN' rash! The thoughts of everybody laughing at my school picture sends shivers down my spine!I met Chloe and Zoey in the janitors closet and told them about my rash. Chloe put the concealer cream on my face. I read the back of the tub and it said that the cram works in 15 minutes!!!! Phew!!! Zoey said that my rash is nothing to be ashamed of but I thought otherwise! If MacKenzie snapped a picture and DEMANDED that the picture be put in the school newspaper, my life would be OVER!In the cafeteria at lunch, MacKenzie came over to my table. I immediately knew she was up to no good! She was acting SUPERnice and shes NEVER nice to me! She said that she was sorry for all the times that she was mean to me. Then she told me to go and get Jessica, her best friend, from Table 9. But then, as I was going to get Jessica, MacKenzie put out her foot to trip me! The nerve of that girl! Shes lucky I didnt break a bone or anything!!!! The two of them were snorting with laughter! To make matters worse, they threww their lunches at me! Yum fish pie! NOT! Chloe and Zoey rushed to help me up and so did Brandon. MacKenzie tried to act all innocent-like and kept saying Oopsie! Silly me! Sorry Nikki!!! But I could see the evil grin on her face! Then Brandon said: Hey why dont you just leave Nikki alone MacKenzie???? What did she ever do to you? MacKenzie just stood there, with her mouth open. I cant believe Brandon just defended me like that! That was so sweet of him!!!! Chloe and Zoey helped me clean my jeans in the girls bathroom and Chloe gave me a cute spare top she had in her locker that she keeps for emergencies! And I looked in the mirror as I was about to apply the rash cream: NO RASH! Yay!!! When we came out of the bathroom, Brandon caught up with us and we walked to he auditorium where the pictures will be taken. TOGETHER! SQUEEEE! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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