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To Dorothy Wellesley Analysis

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Stretch towards the moonless midnight of the trees,
As though that hand could reach to where they stand,
And they but famous old upholsteries
Delightful to the touch; tighten that hand
As though to draw them closer yet.
                                          Rammed full
Of that most sensuous silence of the night
(For since the horizon's bought strange dogs are still)
Climb to your chamber full of books and wait,
No books upon the knee, and no one there
But a Great Dane that cannot bay the moon
And now lies sunk in sleep.
                                  What climbs the stair?
Nothing that common women ponder on
If you are worrh my hope! Neither Content
Nor satisfied Conscience, but that great family
Some ancient famous authors mistepresent,
The proud Furies each with her torch on high.


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Sign me up! -> This is great. I am recovering from a major bike aceincdt in July and was just thinking Culver City would be the PERFECT place to get folks together to make biking and our streets safer.I'll be following along on your and LACBC's blog, but if you have any announcement or requests, please don't hesitate to email.Peace,Casey x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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Cliff, You are certainly elietntd to your opinion. However, I do not agree that the courts got it right in three examples. I think that they only got it right one time, in one example, when a prominent doctor was killed. Many other cyclists have been killed in Massachusetts under similar circumstances, and no charges were filed against the drivers in any of those cases. Therefore, the courts did not get it right. This particular driver was charged because of public outrage over the death of a well-respected physician.Also, I do not agree that cyclists are playing the victim card by pointing out that drivers are rarely held accountable for injuring and killing cyclists. Learn to use Google (or another search engine) so that you can find out why, on your own, rather than asking me to spend my time explaining it to you.With respect to the Alabama case, I know that there was anti-cyclist sentiment involved because I was contacted by Alabama cyclists who told me that they had a problem with harassment from drivers. They were working towards strengthening the laws to help protect cyclists. Alabama has some of the weakest laws in the nation in terms of protecting cyclists.As far as the case in Wellesley goes, I did not reply to your comment on this previously because your argument is weak and makes no sense. I do not intend to spend a lot of time refuting it; I will simply make a few points for your consideration.1. Why do you believe that you know better than the Wellesley police officers, some of whom have been on the force for decades, and who patrol that road 24/7, what traffic patterns are seen there and what the likely causes of an accident are?2. Why do you think that no one involved in the investigation thought that the drain had anything to do with the cyclist's death?3. Why would you rely on Google maps to investigate the death of a cyclist? The photos are outdated. A couple of years ago they redesigned that road (including the storm drain) and it looks very different now.4. The cyclist lived on the road where he was killed. Why would you think that he would be caught by surprise by a drain on the road where he lives and rides his bike every day?5. I have ridden on the exact spot where the cyclist was killed. I have never had any problem steering around that drain and I don't live on that road. 6. Massachusetts law requires a driver to allow a cyclist sufficient room to steer around a drain or other debris in the road. Why did you decide that the truck driver was not obligated to do this and that if he forced the cyclist onto the drain, causing his death, that the grand jury got it right by letting him off the hook?7. There was video footage showing the exact position of the cyclist and the truck prior to the accident. Accident reconstruction experts used that information, along with detailed data about the road to reconstruct what had happened. They did not think that the drain had anything to do with the the cyclist's death.8. Accident reconstruction reports, eyewitness testimony, video footage and traffic data are never contained in police reports. That's why you can't find the things I was referring to by reading the police reports. You may be able to find some of the witness statements online because witnesses spoke to local newspapers about the accident. As for the other items, if you are really interested in proving that the Wellesley police, accident reconstruction experts and local cyclists are all wrong about what happened and who was at fault, contact the Town of Wellesley, Massachusetts (hint: they have a website containing e-mail addresses and phone numbers) for assistance in obtaining the information the prosecutors used to build a case against the truck driver.There is really much more to this, but I don't intend to spend any more time explaining it. After you've obtained legitimate facts about the case, if you find legal proof (something that would stand up in a court of law not just your opinion) that the drain was the cause, please share it with the rest of us. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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No, I am going to keep hidading here, if it’s all the same to you. Yes, my feet are getadting a bit soggy in the small level of water that was unforadtuadnately left at the botadtom of the well, but it’s not as bad as it could be. After all, there’s just the one foot to geta0wet.Thank you all for your comadments. You are weladcome to join me in my well, though it might be a bit of a tight sqeuzee. | 09.22.07, 16:31

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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