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Why Brownlee Left Analysis

Author: poem of Paul Muldoon Type: poem Views: 6

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Why Brownlee left, and where he went,
Is a mystery even now.
For if a man should have been content
It was him; two acres of barley,
One of potatoes, four bullocks,
A milker, a slated farmhouse.
He was last seen going out to plough
On a March morning, bright and early.

By noon Brownlee was famous;
They had found all abandoned, with
The last rig unbroken, his pair of black
Horses, like man and wife,
Shifting their weight from foot to
Foot, and gazing into the future.

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There is really no best metohd. Your upline should be teaching you how to get prospects. Don't try to get fancy. Everyone in your downline needs to be able to do the same things you are doing for you to have long term success.References : x x

| Posted on 2014-03-07 | by a guest

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Good point Howard. Almost every network matrkeer starting out kind of likes to stay in their comfort zone. Believing in new things is necessary in business. What a person has been listening to over and over again is what their beliefs are today but it can be changed. We can leave the past beliefs that were programed in us and realize that they are part of the past and then we can branch out. Thanks fro bringing this to light Howard.

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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Hi Matt,Thanks for this concise, to this 7 point keys of the chrciraettsaics of what a Good Leader is and how a Good Leader attracts success. I'm looking forward to future videos. It gives a great guideline for those of us who are on the path of leadership to take note. Here are my thoughts:1) You can challenge others to do better-This occurs when you care about others and you reach out and challenge others to step up to the plate. People are capable of so more when they are challenged and their standards are raised. It is the job of the leader to provide that step they need to move forward. 2) You set a GOOD example-Image and being the real deal is very important. I am a teacher by profession, and I went through a system that engrained this principle. No matter what, it was vital that I set a GOOD example for my students, parents, and administration. That is one principal I agree with. Through the years I encountered situations when I would come across past students or parents. I could proudly hold my head up high because I knew that during our time together when I was their teacher or their student’s teacher, I always set a GOOD example and the dividend is worth it.3)Because you are SELF Motivated, you in turn can motivate others-People watch other people and how they conduct their business. SELF motivation is an essential characteristic for leadership and shows being a GOOD example.4) You can keep others focused & on track-This comes with seasoning and going through the initial learning curve and understanding what steps are needed to get to the end result. A leader will start at the beginning, eliminate the distractions, errors, mistakes, miscalculations etc. to streamline a project so when training, they are able to present a project that starts at one point and flows to the end result which allows the trainee to stay focused & on track. 5) You are a good ‘Stretch Coach’-If you have experience and are a GOOD leader, it is easy to help your partners “stretch.”6) You realize it is all about WE-It is all about “we” not “me.”7) You are always in training-In this business, you are always learning about personal development, trends, new ideas, new platforms, tips, branding, marketing, technical developments, blogging, traffic, niches, mindset, company policies etc. You are there for your team mates-If you are not there for your team mates, you are not a leader. 9) You Believe in others MORE than they believe in themselves-This chrciraettsaics prompts your team mates to recognize their strengths so they can move forward and utilize their talents. Thanks for this “Leadership List” and seeing your smiling face on video:)Raena Lynn x x

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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MLMWealthOnlineNowYou are so right You are so right Char. Loved your 3 tips put right on the video. When people hear it and see it, it stays in their mind lngoer. You are so cute and your energy level is so cool.

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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Hi Bassey,I totally agree with you that gteitng the right people into the team is crucial. In order to do this, we ourselves have to be the one with Leader Qualities. We also should have the ability to identify leaders or potential leaders.Thank you for sharing. I love the image chosen too Viola Tam

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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This was perhaps written by a friend who thought he/she knew him but clearly didn\'t he didnt recognise the fact that Brownlee was unhappy. Maybe he left for a wife? or was leaving a family?

| Posted on 2011-03-10 | by a guest

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