The average submission.

Usually by teens up to 17 or 18- Freeverse first person poetry either picking an abstract concept like love, hate, death, or pain or directly talking to some entity they have emotional conflict with(usually a person they had a friendly, or intimate relationship with that changed in some way) about breaking up, missing them, hating them, or asking why they did 'that'. They spoon feed the reader their emotions. "I'm hurting inside". If any type of rhetoric is used, it's cliches, rhetorical questions, and bad metaphors. (e.x. My brain is on acid. Life is like a dream. I could never live without you. I'm missing you. I'll pray for you. Please come back. You're as cold as winter. etc.). There is plenty of ways of saying "I'm hurting inside" besides directly saying it. It's like just saying 'life sucks'. Try to make the writing personal and justify your emotions through parable or example. There's nothing poetic about saying proverbs. The person's personality should be felt through the words of the writing. Cliches are not about the theme, it's about putting commonly used topics in words not overly used. Abstractly structuring a writing in a witty way has much more impact and can establish a stronger connection with the reader. Taking good time to write your thoughts, revise and structure, and abstract them makes the writing part of you, and that's what readers want to see. Some don't have the consideration enough to take time on their writing before they throw them out for people to choke on. Read some classics, read some more, read amateur posts; compare and conquer. The first draft is not the final! Revise and edit!

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