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*It's important to note that compliments are fine, but please try to give detail as to how the writing made you feel. The more details and specifics the better it will help the author with their writing. You will also learn how to better articulate the abstract and isolate patterns in writings.

Average Commenter(not good):

  • Traits:
    (does not have to have all to qualify)

    1. Gives the limit of comment length almost every time.
    2. Purely compliments the works.
    3. Does not give much detail, points out 1 or two things liked and compliments.
    4. Sometimes asks what a writing is about.
    5. Feels obligated to comment even if not a clue what the writing means or has nothing to contribute.
    6. Often just agrees with the last person to comment.
    7. Afraid to give critical evaluations.
    8. Does not show personality in the comment.

  • Comments to:
    1. Get more comments to their own pieces.
    2. To submit again.

  • Time Spent:
    1-2 minutes or less skimming through each piece, finding something to point out, and complimenting.

  • Examples:
    1. That was a really dark poem. Great job. Way to go. Keep writing.
    (comments on the theme and gives hollow compliments)

    2. I can really relate. That was cool. You are a rocking writer. Have a nice day.
    (Gives no detail. Can you even tell they read it?)

    3. Way to write. I really like the flow it seemed to move nicely. It was good.
    (Picks to compliment the 'flow' than even mention the content.)

    4. It looks really cool, but I'm clueless of what it means. Maybe its just me though.
    (Doesn't even understand the writing(ask in the userpage, not on the writing))

    Rule of thumb:
    If it feels like you've heard the exact same comment before it's probably not a good comment.

  • What makes a bad comment?
    (does not have to have all to qualify)

    1. Did they choose things to compliment like the "flow" or rhyme rather than the content?
    2. Can the author really tell the person read the work?
    3. If something is complimented, did they give detail?
    4. Did they try to interpret and connect(even if in their own interpretation)?
    5. Did they give an original comment to help the author improve the piece?
    6. Did they restate or agree to something already said?
    7. Do they just restate the theme and say they like it?
    8. Do they use phrases like "keep on writing, have a nice day" to avoid the length requirement.
    9. Did they pick 1 or 2 points to compliment without giving much detail and calling it great or good?

    How can people give originality to their writing if they can't be honest or original in their comments?

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