Surviving Elite Skills
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Criteria for being banned.

  • Automatically banned or account deleted:
    Vulgarity in attacking a writing.
    Saying a poem sucks or similar without giving justification or trying to help improve.
    Exploiting the site in any way.
    Advertising personal works in other people's writing or continually spamming it on the site.
    Giving the same comment to multiple writings.
    Instead of arguing points attacking commenters that didn't like their writing.

  • Warnings:
    Constantly giving the minimum possible length every comment.
    Complimenting writings without being specific every time.

  • Common dementia

    People get something that bothers them and instead of arguing with the root of the problem over specific points they go to their friends to complain. There is a horrible lack of communication. People keep to themselves and buildup anger. Sometimes it gets to the extent to where one party posts something another wrote on a journal or submission and tries to get their friends support. This makes little feuds between parties. I get it a lot as the webmaster. People ask me a question, if I respond saying I don't agree they leave angry and go complain instead of arguing the conflicting ideas.

    See the surviving elite skills section for more detail.

    User Commentary:

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