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dots Quick Bio : [ Aetha Daemon ] dots

Life Story:I am a writer


   I am a short, tall, fat, thin, ugly, beautiful person. And everything in between. I live in my own little world, which has purple walls and a door that opens to everywhere. Mostly the world of Lord of the Rings. I love the whole IDEA of that book, and all that its world encompasses. Tolkein is my idol, not that I need one. I am more of my own idol. I am me. And I am not perfect, and I am still growing into who I am, but I worship the process of that growth, and all that makes up my life and me. Is that deep or what?

So, really, I love to read, write, and play sports. I plan to try and balance these things with a butt-load of school, but it is looking to be a great challenge. Probably the biggest of my life. You see, I get straight A's, and it is hard to please everyone (including myself.) So, what I expect of myself it to make everyone happy, before myself. This is a BAD thing. Bad. Bad bad. So, I use writing as an outlet, something to help me become calm, collected, and otherwise ready to take the world at its worst.

Why I Write:

   Because I am hungry. Well, I get hungry as i write, but I don't eat because most of the time I am so 'in the Zone'. You know, the Zone. The place where you go to become one with the poem, or story, or imagine that you are living it. I get really caught up in the Zone. With poems, it usually takes me about three-five minutes to write the thing, fix spelling, go over line breaks, and save it to my computer. Usually it takes me less than 25 seconds to write the thing, not three minutes. It is the spelling and line breaking that I have to pause and think about. Spelling takes me a while, especially if I have been spelling the word wrong for quite some time and I just caught myself. So, anyway, this is the writing reality of Aetha. Oh, and I am writing a book! Really, a book! I don't ever hope to DREAM of publishing, but I might...someday...

Sites I frequent:

   Reading, writing, playing soccer, English, philosophy, different languages, different religions, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don't ask.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   My inability to stop saying funny things out loud in class when the room is suddenly, and unexpectedly, quiet.

Edited 2006-08-15.