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dots Quick Bio : [ Akai_Ame ] dots

ASL:not telling/f/oklahoma
Life Story:Tragic/depressing


   Not much to tell about me. I am just your normal girl fighting for what i want to be. As for my life...well that is way to long of a story to try to type here. My life pretty much is an adventure but i live each day to the max and try my hardest to make my dreams come true. All my life i have done only what i thought at the time to be the best choice, even if after it turned out to be the wrong one.

Enjoyes: I like playing my guitar,sinthasizer, writing stories and poems. I also love to play sports. I was on a basketball team for 8 years. Volleyball for 2years, soccer for 5year, tennis for 1year and have been in track for as long as i can remember.

Why I Write:

   I write because i love putting my feelings on paper and being able to look at it when i am done and think "wow, that came from me." Some people say my poems are depressed and sad. That i should look at the brighter side of life and things will get better if i give them time. i just tell them "read the rest of them baka". I'm depressed most of the time and that is mostly what i write about, but i have been happy and there are happy poems by me if you just take the time to look for them. I may seem happy on the out side but man am i depressed and confused on the inside. Most of my poems show the real me. My happy face just keeps people from bothering me with always asking if i am okay or do i want to talk about it. i also write to give me something to do, and to let people know how life has it's ups and downs. Can't have it good all the time because without the bad you'd never see how wonderful it is when it is good.

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite!

   Playing sports, reading, writing poems and novels, hanging out with friends, and just plain getting in trouble. ( nothing to big though.)

My Favorit Quote:
"Darkness that you see with your eyes and hear with your ears is not the true form of Darkness… True Darkness is something that you can't see or hear before it wants to become seen and heard… But… besides these two, there is one other form of Darkness, the Darkness that resides inside the Light of your Heart."
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I am very nice, some times to much so for my own good. i am always putting others before my self and giving a helping hand when ever it is needed. Although i am not the average girl who cares about her make-up or her hair, but instead i focus my time and strangth on the more inportant things in life. Such as what i am going to make of my self and who i am going to be as i get older. My friends would call me the "sweet" person out of the group. the one that is very funny, kind, smart, and lovable, someone who would give anything to make sure that you were happy. If i had to give myself a name it would have to be "normal" I just try to act the way i believe i should. And try to be as normal as i can be. The only thing is, i tend to be quiet until i feel i have something important to say. Other than that, i'm just as normal as i can get.
Author's note:
( "okay that is enough rambling on from me...go have a look at someone else's Bio and stop reading mine." hehe)

Edited 2009-06-07.