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dots Quick Bio : [ Astarael ] dots

Life Story:Surreal


   19 years in Baltimore.

I've seen a lot.

I've done a lot.

I've thought a lot.

Why I Write:

   It helps me to organize my own thoughts as well as share some interesting things that I observe with others. Every writing teacher has told me I have talent so I'm honing my skills.

Sites I frequent:

   HOOPING! Writing of course, knitting, arts and crafts (polymer clay, perler beads, beaded jewelry, origami, knitting, origami, a bit of drawing and painting here and there), ROCK COLLECTING (GEOLOGYYYY), badminton, swimming, hiking, hanging with my dog and cats, admiring muscle cars, frisbee in a muddy field at 3 AM, I dabble in my fair share.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Fun fun FUN!

Edited 2009-05-08.