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dots Quick Bio : [ Imadjinn ] dots

Life Story:Imagine life


   I gave me away.
I find myself lonely in the strangest situations.
I laugh at funerals.
I never want to be forgotten.
I always will remember who I am.
I never watch horror movies by myself.
I don't sleep.
I have lost everything before.
I believe it feels better every time.
I still believe in love.
I never call.
I will never find her at home.
I am magic, even if no one else sees it.
I will always play games.
I will always believe in myself, even if I don't sometimes.
I am always on the fringe.
I believe Ctrl + Alt + Delete fixes all problems.
I will always look to the past for advice.
I will always look to the future for inspiration.
I never want to be alone.
I will always insert 25 cents to continue.
I never know what I'm laughing at until it's too late.
I will never complain that it is too cold.
I will always complain when it is too hot.
I count in binary to calm myself.
I want to know more about you.
I will always have music playing through my head.
I will never stop writing.
I will always stop thinking afterward.
Most of All...
I love.

Why I Write:

   Because I don't want to be forgotten

Sites I frequent: : Webcomics for nerds :The same :also Best website ebar

General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   take a picture, so time won't get in the way.

Edited 2006-03-31.