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dots Quick Bio : [ J. A. Clark ] dots

Life Story:Always a Band Nerd..


   Hmm.. where exactly do I begin? Hi! My name is Jeremy. I live in southern Georgia, always have...and probably always will..unfortunately. Before I go any further... I need to let you know that I use (.....) alot. and I mean alot... I guess because a sentence is supposed to be complete thought and my thoughts are never complete, so using just one (.) would be like completing my thought....which I'm not...(I'm ADHD...My mind never stops....) With that said...I think I'll continue. Yeah, like I said.. I have lived in souther Georgia all my life. Hate though.. too dang hot down here. I am the oldest of seven brothers and sisters. I have three biological brothers and two adopted brothers....and two sisters. Yeah.. thank god it wasn't the other way around..if i had more sisters than brothers...i would've never have been able to use the bathroom at home. (and that's me being a smart donkey as i usually am)... Along with writting, I'm a Band Nerd...I love Marching Band (it's a sport you know!) I spend a lot of time with my old high school band and loads of time on the DCI website. My favorite Corps are the Crossmen, Crusaders, and the Bluecoats.... I really regret not auditioning before the "Age-out"....bummer for me. Anyways.. that's enough for one sitting, don't you think....if you wanna know more, or chat w/ me, i'm usually on Yahoo messenger. L8R

Why I Write:

   Because it's fun and I have nothing else to do when i get really bored.

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips : Music Scores : Writing Scams Drum Corps International... what more do you need in life?

   Writing, Marching Band, Drum Corps, baseball, singing (yeah, i sing), watching hockey, bowling, swimming, and pretty much anything to do with music...
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Which one?

Edited 2004-09-11.