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dots Quick Bio : [ Jessica Lynn ] dots

Life Story:complicated


   When I was young my mom wrote, and then my sister started writing. I have 3 siblings, so when my mom started to bond with sara, I wanted to know what writing was all about. My first poem I ever wrote was called sleeping, and I wrote it with no feeling. There was no emotion, but soon my life became a labyrinth and writing was the only thing to keep me sane. It kept me from hurting myself and others around me. I am the type of person to change my mood and emotions so quickly that you would almost think I am another person. I am a poet, and a free spirit. I have loved, lost, and lived. That is my life in a nutshell.

Why I Write:

   to feel a release from the world that never stops moving, and i can stop time for a moment. It is a place that no one can judge, because they are my thoughts in art form.

Sites I frequent:

   I sing a lot. And i mean a lot. I dance every single kind of dance that exists, and I write poetry, stories, and i want to be a journalist.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   You will never find amyone who thinks the way I think, because no one has the same type of reasoning.

Edited 2007-02-21.