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dots Quick Bio : [ Kalidoscopeeyes ] dots

Life Story:colorful laugh


   i'm 17 and, by normal baltimore city standards, i'm a geek/nerd/dork. i'm in the ingenuity project at BPI and we have a nickname for ourselves. we're ingies. and, no matter what they say, we like to have fun. i work at a research lab at University of Maryland's School of Medicine where we research the effects of drug addiction and normal aging on behavior.

i like snowstorms and thunderstorms. ramen noodles. worn-out paperback books. pearls. movies from the eighties, the classics. the breakfast club, sixteen candles. i like oldnewindierockhiphopclassicaljazz good music.i'm obsessed with eyes. conversations that change your life. sleepovers. bad jokes. history. psychology. natalie portman. breakfast at tiffany's. romance movies. old dirty restaurants because they have the best food. subway, and quiznos if i'm feeling fancy. conversation hearts. hooded sweatshirts. hugs. notes.silence. records. edgar allen poe and emily dickenson. catcher in the rye. the stranger. friends i'd die without. plaid. skiing. sudoku. reading.

the list goes on...

Why I Write:

   because i feel.

Sites I frequent:

   writing. reading. people. normal teenage stuff.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   i was scared by how much i resembled lee in the book prep.

Edited 2006-02-06.