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dots Quick Bio : [ Kio ] dots

Life Story:


   Kio stood on the edge of the 25 storey skyscraper’s roof as he looked out at the city, his gun raised to shoulder height and tilted slightly, ruining his aim. A faint sound emanates from behind him and he ignored it. “Yes?” He called out to whoever or whatever it was, his messy black hair swaying in the wind as he waits patiently for the answer. A cold, raspy and bone chilling voice surrounds Kio’s ears as if whatever it was, was right beside him: “It’s time to go Kio. You promised remember?” Kio shuddered and the gun dropped to the streets below and his body turned to the little hooded gremlin. “Yeah, yeah. I remember my promise Aramis.” Kio replied and they left, the rooftop becoming serene and quiet again as all returned to as it was before the pair had appeared.

Why I Write:

   Because I like it and it helps me relax sometimes. I procrastinate a lot so I guessed that doing roleplaying would help me get over that.

Sites I frequent: Roleplay : Writing Scams

General Personality/What makes you unique?:

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