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dots Quick Bio : [ LadyMerlina ] dots

ASL:24/ F/ Montreal
Life Story:SPLITlipsSCARStatoos


   Only child. Raised by t.v. (therefore, too much imagination).

Why I Write:

   Because it lets me get underneath. To the things I don't really want to see but it puts it out there and makes it okay.
And sometimes it's banal things in life that inspire me I like putting them into words turn them into metaphores and making them bigger and less trivial.

Sites I frequent: ... DUH
For fun and games:
and for free online Tarot:

   Painting, writing, watching movies, reading (Chuck Palahniuk mostly always), reading tarot, drawing (mostly my next tatoo)...

Whatever to keep myself busy when I'm not partying lol
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   None of your G-D business!

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