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dots Quick Bio : [ Lost Sheep ] dots

ASL:41 M Vancouver, WA
Life Story:Lucky as hell


   Who am I? Male, 40 years of trying to understand, father, married to the perfect woman, sexually open, one man computer department, into line dancing, old time radio dramas, trains, history and weeping for other people's words.

Why I Write:

   Then: College English classes

Now: Working through some unresolved issues

Tomorrow: ?????

Sites I frequent: (Me) (Line Dances) (OTR)

   You name it:
line dancing, old time radio dramas, trains, history, artistic strip clubs, good beer, good coffee, good cheese, sex, introducing new people to new things in all of the above
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I'm a computer geek that sings, dances and writes something other than tech sheets.

Edited 2005-05-05.