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dots Quick Bio : [ Lover girl ] dots

ASL:17, female
Life Story:Summarize.


   my name is Katie and i live in a tiny hick town. there is nothing to do and that is why i love the outdoors and hanging out with my friends. i raise goats and one of them thinks that she is a dog...she's a dork! i am not very good with relationships but, the one guy that i could stay with forever dosent like long distance and he is in the Navy...sad! i am a major bandgeek and i want to teach music after college. with out music and poetry i dont know what i would do with my life!!!

Why I Write:

   I write to express my feelings at the moment. I like to put the way I view the world in a different way. I love the way poetry sounds and flows. I don't think that I could ever stop writing. It is a part of my life. i have poems from every walk of my life and from most of my break-ups!

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips : Music Scores : Writing Scams

   Playing my contra...That is a extra extra large clarinet. Also working with my animals...I am the longest running member of my 4-H club. One other hobby I have is obviously writing but, photograghy. I love black and white photos...I think that they are wonderful...i also found out recently that i love to act...i'm not sure if i'm any good but i had so much fun when my friends forced me to join the drama club this last year
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I am very strange and I take being called a phyco as a good thing. I also am a complete bandgeek. I am very upbeat and happy most of the time and I am more social than most. I think that life is a gift and we should live it to end...Not waiting around doing nothing. I am a christian and I am very strong in my faith but, I am open and friendly to anyone no matter differances that we may have. Also I love to laugh. I think that if you can't laugh at something eventualy then you need to loosen up a little.

Edited 2008-07-01.