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dots Quick Bio : [ MysterydarkPoet ] dots

Life Story:I am who i am.


   Well... maybe when I'm done living.. you can find out.

Why I Write:

   Mostly because i am sooo sad... but other than cuz i want to get a message off my chest.

Sites I frequent: - poetry - forum and talking - avatars ( - my web page keeping in touch sorta - keeping in touch with friends - finding lyrics - finding clips to songs to add to piczo and just watch and listen too - meeting new people

and if i think of more ill let u know...

   Going on the interent... with all those sites its no suprise i go on the net.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Which one? I have too many... um my ability (i know u said personality but whatver im talking about abilities) to go high on nothing... literally...

Edited 2006-10-18.