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dots Quick Bio : [ PiperH ] dots

ASL:17, F, Georgia
Life Story:Interesting : )


   My name is Amber and I love to write.

Why I Write:

   Because whenever I hear the word, I get the greatest feeling pulsing through my veins, because when I put my thoughts onto paper, my heart gets a turn to speak, because there is not anything else in the world that could make me happier. I've ALWAYS loved to write. And I KNOW that it's what I'm meant to be doing.

Sites I frequent:


   WRITING!!!! Singing, drawing....

General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   My generaly personality, as I've already said is nice. I'm very friendly, but also very, very shy. I'm the quiet one that sits in the back and listens. That's why writing is so good for me. It makes up for all the times I don't get a chance to speak out loud....

Edited 2009-01-25.