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dots Quick Bio : [ Poeticprincess ] dots

Life Story:Complicated


   I'm a military brat that was born in colorado. I've lived in Pennsylvaina, New Jeresy, Japan, and currently reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia. right now i love to read and write, i started writing when i was in the sixth grade. I'm in tenth now..YAY. I've been hurt and that's what fueled me to write although some of my poems just came to me it's scary.

Why I Write:

   I have to many idea's not to write. Plus when i write because my friends and family love what i write, i love what i write, it sends out a message. It also helps me control my feelings and express what i feel at that excate moment in my life.

Sites I frequent:

   reading, writing, drawing searching the computar, listening to music mostly rap and r&b plus alittle linkin park
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   my thoughts, i think differently than most people that makes me unique

Edited 2006-07-25.