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dots Quick Bio : [ PryncessVynom ] dots

Life Story:


   Death to all who oppose me......
Just wanting to write
A little about my self
Let you in on a secret
I'm putting you thru my hell
I don't like my self
that i'll admit
I hate the stuff i say
When i can't think of shit
I don't like who i think you are
nor who i think you'll be
I don't like what i've been thru
Or what i'll do to you

Why I Write:

   I write because of the people whispering in my ear what to write. i'm almost kidding.

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite!

   Reading, singing, writing (duh) surfin the net. staring off into space. wandering off *wanders away in the general direction of her bookshelf*
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   It depends on which of me you talk to....
Hehehe did i forget to mention that im crazy?

Edited 2008-07-16.