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dots Quick Bio : [ Reckoner ] dots

Life Story:life starts now


   The Man, The Myth, The Legend..well I like to think so..I write very true to my heart, everything that comes out of me is all based on a very passionate view I have on life and love, and all the inbetween bullshit that we face as human beings on a daily basis.
I have written hundreds of poems/songs...I want a greater opinion of my overall work, so I am letting anyone here who enjoys really tasty apples, to read my work...haha

Why I Write:

   Cause I see too many people having fun without me.

Sites I frequent:

   I usually reside in a music bubble
Music is a constant source of stability for me.
And the occasional concert, or more than complete spiritual/healing experience for me.
Spending time with my babe from the bottom of the ocean.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:

Edited 2005-05-12.