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dots Quick Bio : [ RyukiTZR ] dots

Life Story:Um....


   Started walking at 14 months.

That above sentence is crap.

I am what I want to be, anytime, anywhere. What I choose, what I do, is to be giving critics...

...I think.

Why I Write:

Damn piss off.

Or simply just because I thought of a rhyme.

EDIT: Now I just don't.

Sites I frequent: : Often visited by me, in hopes of better rps... or something. : My blog. Spam me if ya wanna. ;)

   I've been quite 'dead' on Es pretty much...


Music and music and more music.

Waste my schooling days away/ get school days over with.


And I comment.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
Awfully quiet when uncomfortable.
Damn bl00dy whacky when at most comfortable. (Its not just chattin away like a torpedo (a flying one, pls.))

Pms-ing loads....? o.O

Moody at times.

No true ambitions. I'm practically wasting my life away.

Edited 2007-02-26.