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dots Quick Bio : [ Saaber ] dots

Life Story:scarred


   Dude, I thought bio's are accounts written by someone else apart from the person whose bio it is!!! I can't write my own bio! Besides, my life's just started!!!

Why I Write:

    I like to think I am an artist in making, that I can paint pictures with words instead of colours.
Ok that WAS the case. I've lost my touch with writing. Might have something to do with the stupid continent I'm in. No offence to EUs, hehe.

Sites I frequent:

   Reading, playing pool and cricket- a gentleman's games, and of course, writing poetry.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Personality analysis by friends commonly summarised as: CRAZY. In a gud way, I hope. Don't know what they're thinking. I'd like to think of myself as free and unbound. Well, there ARE some ties that bind...

Edited 2007-06-03.