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dots Quick Bio : [ Saphire Twiligh ] dots

Life Story:see bio


   hey, lonely, bored, and invisable are usualy words that describe me. im very good at dreaming. i'm nice to almost everyone but i'm alone alot because well, i went to japan, and im going to be in japan for a while, (by the way americans are much hoter then japanese people but thats just an oppionion.

Why I Write:

   it keeps my mind off things, or just enough on them that they dont get to me. also i have to much imagination to keep in one place or my dreams get fudled(i like that word)

Sites I frequent:

well theirs here and theres myspace( theres (details will not be given unless i feel like it and you ask really really nicely)

    i'd most likely be found in my room trying to learn japanese, or reading, or drawing my comics, or writing, or listening to music from my beloved (dented) ipod. my favorite music is errrr well emo >_<
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   quiet, mostly since i dont know how to say what i want to lol. i get called cute alot which im putting up with. i have a really slow temper and a quirky sence of humor.

Edited 2006-09-03.