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dots Quick Bio : [ Scaredheart ] dots

ASL:15/ Female/ NC
Life Story:Pffft!


   I'm from North Carloina. Around that age of six I was moved to Puerta Rico,Vequies. I lived there for four year's. When I got back to America I went to live with my Aunt, whom I stayed with till I was thirteen and moved back in with my mother and father. Now I live with them and attend RECH's, a early college that I was accepted to.

Why I Write:

   I write what I tend to feel or what I've seen in my life so far, ever now and again I'll juts write something I imagened so it can be pretty out there...

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite!

   Playing with site features.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   nothing, I'm quite average. The only thing different about me from other's is I was forced to grow up young and I have a need to improve my self no matter how "good" I am.

Edited 2009-03-03.