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dots Quick Bio : [ SorrelsReality ] dots

ASL:25/ Female/ See Quote.
Life Story:One step at a time.


   Keeping things short and sweet...I work at a local church here in my town. I'm a youth director for the church division and also a christian counselor for the school. I'm actively looking for a more permanent church that I could call home, someplace that I'll recieve better pay, and be able to know that my position is solid.

I come from a gigantuan family, lol. It's actually kind of scary. But, I love them all. It's because of my wonderfully insane, loving family that I chose something in ministry. I know what the Lord can do, I've seen what he's done in my life, and in the lives of others around me. He blesses us with miracles every day, and teaches us lifelong lessons. I'm blessed and fulfilled giving it all to Him, and letting Him control my life. His way is the only way.

Why I Write:

   It's a release, it's an outlet. When I can't seem to explain something the right way, I write it in poetic form, and it always seems to let whoever it is know what's in my heart, or what's on my mind. What a great tool the Lord provided us all with!

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips : Music Scores : Writing Scams

   Soccer, swimming, Atv'ing, camping,(I'm trying to learn how to fish, but I'm a bit bad at it for the time being lol), karate, photography, Candlelighters assoc. (I do crafts with the children's workshop for kids with cancer twice a month), karaoke, scrapbooking, reading, walking.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   God made me unique :)

Edited 2006-07-25.