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dots Quick Bio : [ Static Scream ] dots

ASL:17/m/Russian(in Mid East)
Life Story:Very very chilling


   Im Russian


But im living in the Middle East right now, and in 10 months going to do Physics at uni, in England

Im agnostic and like debating

Ive been moving around the world my whole life, Russia, Britain, Holland, The Middle East

Im very audio oriented, and my personality profile is ENTP

Why I Write:

   Because I feel like it, sometimes

Because sometimes I get moments of inspiration, and I decide to make good use of them

Sites I frequent:

Listening to music, discussing stuff, researching relegions, chilling with my friends, contenplating life, shisha(hookah)(I have become a conniseur)
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Im very very relaxed, chilling,

Fairly intelligent,

A unique trait, is that my brain does not have a dominant hemisphere, so Physics, maths, I enjoy as much as music and poetry

Edited 2006-11-29.