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dots Quick Bio : [ Suven7 ] dots

ASL:20 female Fla
Life Story:Saved



Why I Write:

   Writing is an abstract mirror that alludes, at times, to my most genuine thoughts. I write continuously with the hope of projecting a word of truth about what is within and without me.

Sites I frequent:

   I love to read, sketch, make and edit videos, dance, clean the house, write poetry, sort through family pictures, mess with photo editing programs, and take photos of my family.

I also enjoy appearing busy in the newsroom, intelligent in the classroom and attentive to my friends' dramatic lives.

General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Serious with a huge scoop of sarcasm and morbid humor on top; perfectionist and prone to stress; Always suspicious and ever aiming for success.

Edited 2009-10-30.