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dots Quick Bio : [ Tabbie Kat ] dots

Life Story:insane;y busy


   I have a pretty normal life. A pain in the butt father, and awesome mom and 5 younger brothers and sisters. ughh

Why I Write:

   Because i needed somewhere to vent. i have been reading since i was ten i would take 50 some books out of the library, and read them all. i love books so much i decided i need to show my feeling throught a character so i invented my book.

Sites I frequent:

none i'm not on the internet that much except for e-mail and this.

   Reading, Writing, Watching old movies, Hanging with my awesome best friends, studying and traveling with my quiz team, and eating chinese food.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I don't know what makes me unique. i think i'am pretty normal, nothing special about blue eys and brown hair.

Edited 2005-11-14.