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dots Quick Bio : [ TheStillSilence ] dots

ASL:20/F/Out in Outer Space
Life Story:Still Hanging On


   We suppress what we don't want to remember; push those memories to the back of our minds. Yet it is those memories that make up who we are; no matter how far we run, we cannot run from ourselves.

How high can you jump, how fast can you run, and to what extent will you go to keep them from surfacing?

And once they do- yes, that is inevitable- how will they manifest themselves? How will YOU deal?

Why I Write:

   When words are ripped from your mouth, thrown underneath your feet, and replaced by grunts and "yes, sir", how else do we keep sane?

Sites I frequent:

All sites are created, either by nature's hands, or by human hands; the difference is as obvious as day and night.

   If the world was made of chocolate, what would you do?
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I would eat it; screw every one else, future generations crap. LIVE FOR THE HERE AND NOW!
If you do, then you're living in the "best of all possible worlds" (Voltaire)

Edited 2008-08-24.