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dots Quick Bio : [ Timmy S. Edgar ] dots

ASL:38 male Melb, Australia
Life Story:Loving Romantic


   My Name is Timmy I am a 37 year old Australian I work in the music industry operating my Company GigNet promoting unsigned and independent Australian bands and entertainers I enjoy my work immensely as to me it is more of a full time party than a job I think it is important to love what you do for inner peace. I am a hopeless romantic and all of my work is about love and all things nice as I cant seem to project to the world negativity as I only believe in love and sensitivity as you may well have noticed I am forever and optimist

Why I Write:

   I write to release the copious amounts of love I seem to have continually growing within my heart it allows me to channel that energy along to others which is the main reason why I do write as it makes my friends and new readers smile and feel good and if we all tried to make each other smile a little then the world would be better

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips : Music : Australian Unsigned Music : Superbands mIRC chat server address : Writing Scams

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General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Loving caring passionate dedicated loyal funny cool kooky fun loving passionate deep happy & just plain fun to be around

Edited 2010-04-30.