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Life Story:-life story-


   I go by the name Adam. I'm into writing (obviously) and stuff like that, but I also like other things too, like singing, and playing bass. Like every other teenager on the face of the planet, I'm in a band, and I'm the songwriter, and backup vocalist. I'd prefer not to give out my location, but I guess it won't hurt to tell you that I live in the United States. That's really all I have to say (for now.) Enjoy, or something.

Why I Write:

   Many reasons, it's a nice way to relax, it's fun at times, and it's usually a nice way to show a feeling that otherwise is hard to explain.

Sites I frequent: - This website - Don't laugh at me, I like it - You mean, right?

   Writing, playing bass, singing, computer stuff, running, paintball, backyard/indie wrestling, photography, video games, brick throwing, reading, learning.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I'm half British, half Australian, if that counts for anything.

Edited 2006-02-02.