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dots Quick Bio : [ UnspokenDreamer ] dots

Life Story:Beautiful Collision


   I live in Fort Wayne, IN.
I work for an organization called, Young Life.
I absolutely love my job.

I love adventure.
If there is a high potential for me to be bleeding by the time I am done doing something,I am usually a go.
Not in the adrenaline-junky kind of way though.

I love to go Rock-climbing.

Why I Write:

   There is a fire in my soul that compels me to live passionately. Naturally, this makes me an expressive person.

Sites I frequent:

General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Philosophical. I also love to be remembered for having been somewaht of a question mark. I don't like to let people figure me out completely. I like to keep people guessing a little.

Edited 2008-05-25.