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dots Quick Bio : [ _Phoenix ] dots

Life Story:twisted.


   i guess i can start by saying that my parents have always called me a vengeful little girl; i guess its true. because as far as im concerned, people are expendable. my boyfriend is my life, my love, my inspiration, and my hope. i love to write, very much. music is a very huge part of me as well. i can draw, but im not anything exquisite.
oh yea. i have a major bite fetish.

Why I Write:

   its how i cope.

Sites I frequent: : where i post my poems. : where i write my HP fanfic. : ah, well. it had to come out sooner or later.

   music, writing, computer.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   im a pretty laid back person, but, like all people, i have a breaking point. however, id rather be friends with people than have a crapload of enemies swarming over me like ants. what makes me unique?
... i write. thats all ive got.

Edited 2007-01-14.