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dots Quick Bio : [ angel_eyes9701 ] dots

ASL:24 F Salem, OR
Life Story:Amazing Lessons


   Not a whole to me, want to get to know me, contact me.

Why I Write:

   Because I express through words my emotions inside. Rather then screaming and yelling, crying or hiding, I write it down.

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips : Music Scores : Writing Scams

   Playing with site features. Writing, music, singing, spending time with friends and family, including pets, reading, movies, cooking, going out.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I am a little bit of everything in this world. I am sweet, kind, loving, gentle.....all the good things. I look good, but don't mind and almost prefer working on cars, riding quads....I can be mean if I need to be, and I stand my ground. Name a trait and I probably have a little portion of it. Together I make a unique person, anyone would love to have around.

Edited 2005-10-13.