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dots Quick Bio : [ angelfyre ] dots

ASL:17/yes please/here
Life Story:i havent lived yet


   My name is Krystal. I go by Kris. I'm what most of you would call "freak" or...."insane" or...."satanic" or, what is more common, "goth". I am labelled. As we all are. On this site I will be a name. A word. A letter....or two....or five ot a million. The point is, to you all I will be an alphabet. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a poet. And words are what make me, and break you. I've rambled enough I

Why I Write:

   I want to be heard. I have found my voice in art. That being writing of that kind of stuff. But writing seems to be taking me farther then the other art forms. That is why I

Sites I frequent:

   playing guitar...
listening to music...
talking to freaks....
being a freak...
loving animals and nature...
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   what makes me unique....well, I There is no other me. I am the one and only ME!!! And that is a good thing, believe me. The world doesn't need anymore of me. Or any less. I see the world different from other people. I think. Don't really know. The only thing that I am certain on....the only 100% I know, is that when we are born with one grow old and die. Oh...and there's another 100%.....that I am VERY anti-prep.lolol

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