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dots Quick Bio : [ bloodydreamer27 ] dots

Life Story:bulimic hore


   Well i'm a 14 year old girl, i have short blk hair w/ a lil bit of orange/yellow/white long hair in the font. I have blue eyes that change w/ me mood, i'm 5'6 & weigh around 110 lbs. I'm a nice person once u get 2 no me, but if u dont it'll take a while b4 i stop being a bi.tch 2 u. Well if u wanna no nethin else just ask me

Why I Write:

   I write cause it's an easy way 2 express wut i'm feeling & 2 get rid of me anger.

Sites I frequent:

   hanging o/w friends, writing poetry, chattin w/ pplz on the internet, playing video games, lisening 2 music, ect.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Which one?

Edited 2006-10-04.