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dots Quick Bio : [ cannibal ] dots

ASL:18/f/MO usa
Life Story:boredom


   Well there isn't much to say. I love to write, Most of my new shite is crap though. Most likely i will be putting old poems on here. I am also an "artest" I love to draw, paint, and all that shite. Erm yeah, that is really all.

Why I Write:

   well, i am an emoutional ball of crap. So what I do is keep journals and ramble down my bull in there. Most of the time it comes out in ryme.

Sites I frequent:

   creating art, writing, listening to music, getting drunk with my homie G skillets (and sausages and stuff) Hang out with friends...yeah thats it.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   hm, well I am I'm crazy. I think i am so difforent from everyone else. I really don't know, i wish someone would tell me what makes me difforent from everyone else.

Edited 2005-12-13.