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dots Quick Bio : [ clay ] dots

Life Story:unfolding

Bio: I thought why not fix this thing as Jimmy's good but lets use my own words now to describe myself.

I'm almost 35 years...March 27 I will be anyway
Have a beautiful eleven year old Girl...who is my world and doesn't let me forget it.
I'm active...but not in a 'workout' sort of way. I'm solid the majority of time and then can fall away in a heartbeat...but not for long. I'm a very open person, yet not many know much about me. Men are scared of me more often then not and I find that funny (and kinda like it). I hate good-byes.

Why I Write:

   Cheap...therapy costs way too much money ;)

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite!
Xanga...Girl & Learah's pages...EVERY DAY ;)
and of course mysapce
blah blah blah

   hmmm...reading, writing, raising my girl right,
playing like I've not grown up, singing off key,
MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, Girl & Learah's page, kona coffee & cigarettes, staying some what healthy...
so I can do these things longer :P
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Which one?

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